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Open Table - Online Reservations

1800 Rue Sherbrooke O.
Montreal, QC
H3H 1E5

T 514.904.1900


We live, we love, we eat, we drink, we laugh. Viviamo, Amiamo, Mangiamo, Beviamo,Ridiamo.


Life really is that simple at RIDI Bar Ristorante. Ridi is a celebration of life and what has been bringing people together for Great food.

Share Chef Peppino's passion for life's greatest pleasures: The freshest food prepared in the time honoured traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, the intricate and complex flavours of the world's finest wines and most importantly time spent with family and friends.

Staying true to the precepts of quality is the springboard of Peppino's culinary leap.

Ridi is a contemporary look at traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The decor is vibrant and urban yet the tastes are uncompromisingly traditional joining style to substance. Rediscover the dishes that transcend time and place.